Carrus Network is growing and is looking for candidates to grow with together. Working with Carrus means you will be working with people that are doers, curious minds with a mindset of always learning and moving forward in whatever you do in live. As an intern, you will be coached in your work in the field you choose: Graphic design, journalism or videography. With clear guidelines, you will get to work freely with your creativity.

This summer internship is for you who are ready to take your skills to the next level. To reveal the full potential of your creativity, productivity and authenticity. We want you to be ready to thrive personally!

The internship is during 1 July- 15th of August. You will get a diploma after the period.

Together we experiment, learn and create the Carrus Movement.

If you have any questions email:

Do you want to be a part of the Carrus Network movement?

As an ambassador, you get the chance to spread the word of Carrus and to get a specific area of competence that you want to develop in yourself which you will be able to do through Carrus Network. Management, marketing, graphic design, photography or perhaps public relations?

Together we experiment, learn and create the Carrus Movement.

Become an ambassador by writing about yourself and your motivation:

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