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Carrus Network is a movement with the mission to connect all youths around 16–26 years olds with each other to network about how they and the world is moving forward with the technology. We noticed that there are youths with many big thoughts and ideas about the world around them but there is not always a place they can go to get inspired, educated and network with same but different minds.

How? The drive is the same, but the backgrounds and interests are different. That’s why we provide Carrus Network to encourage conversations that matter among all youths. At the same time many youths feel unmotivated and anxious about the future which is why we have the vision the prepare all youths for the future!

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We organize events with lectures and workshops to learn something from the most passionate, open minded and well read speakers in Stockholm about their topic which the attendees later get to discuss and network about.

Are you a curious mind who would like to meet people to talk big, discuss ideas, personal development and about how the world changes? Do you want to move forward in life and make a change in the world around you?

We would like to draw attention to those who help to start Carrus Network and contributed during the road to connecting and learning young, driven souls.

Thanks for all your help!

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