We have the most curious, ambitious and value driven youths you can find! They are Top-tier talents and have the soft skills your company need to stay relevant and competitive in future.

Are you ready to invest in the future today? Build your own talent pool with us or let us build it for you !

Show us what you got and we will show what you lack.

We screen talents and companies based on soft skills and values. Right people at the right company and vice versa…



This is our main competence since we have arranged over 50 events created by a team of youths that have learned the key skills of event management. Our youths are used with assisting throughout the whole event and knows how to heighten the experience for the attendees. We have had events with companies like, SEB, Almi, Sup46 and IVA.


Do you need help with content creation and marketing? Our youths know how to create visible pleasing content and how to reach to different audiences through social media channels.


Need a photographer to your next event, pictures of your employees or even party? Then we have the right photographer for you!

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