#TheStory Alexandra Sandberg and Polina Otto met at a TEDx Youth event the 8th of October 2015 with the intention of getting more out of life outside of their elementary and high school classrooms. They connected instantly and noticed that it is easier to build meaningful relationships with friends who share the same values and growth mindset. People who are ambitious help each other become more driven and productive, which is exactly how their friendship has been like. Ever you heard this quote? “We are the average of the five people we hang out with the most.” Which is why, they want to provide the opportunity for more youths to create connections with people who share the same mindset with the aim to live a more fulfilled life. In this way they have complemented their previous project @apositiveoak

We noticed that there are youths with many big thoughts and ideas about the world around them but there is not always a place they can go to get inspired, educated and network with similar minds. That’s why we provide Carrus Network to encourage conversations that matter.

“Carrus” is the latin word for wagon symbolising ‘moving forward’ as well as being the origin word for “Career”.

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Alexandra Sandberg  Polina Otto

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